What is Stability?
"The capacity to remain in position; The ability to resist being dislodged or overturned."

  "The capacity to resist destruction or essential change; enduring quality."
 "Firmness of character, purpose, resolution, steadfastness, and the ability to return to it's 
 original or normal position."

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                      Reverend Michael W. Morganbegan his journey with Stability I in 1994, when he was introduced to the Middleton's through a                                          mutual friend, Evangelist Terese Rizzi.  Their divine connection provided him with much support during a very difficult time in his life.                                    The Ministry  provided Reverend Morgan with"Stability",spiritual guidance, and a sanctuary in which he frequently visited to seek the                                     Lord. Eventually,  Reverend Morgan went on to serve the Lord as a Youth Pastor for Christian Cathedral Ministries and was ordained                                  by the late Pastor Osborne Davis in August  2003.Today, Reverend Michael Morgan is an effective Outreach Pastor for Stability I,
                              and has established  "The Shore United Prayer Coalition","Tabernacle on Wheels" and "First Friday" as extensions of Stability                                         Outreach. Reverend Morgan and his wife Joanne, also lead a dedicated prayer team that meets weekly in their home.  They are devoted to                                  providing "Stability" in the lives of others and continue to be a blessing, and support for many people. 
Who's world is this?
    In the beginning, God   created the heavens 

              and the Earth...

Although the world belongs to God, it does not reflect God's perfect intentions for creation. The world is a sad place, full of deception, abomination, and sin. So the question is, How do we remain stable in an unstable world..?  How do we stand strong thru the storms of life? The answer is simple... We need Jesus"We need you Lord, we need you Lord... right now.

   Stability I, Inc.'s
Saturday, March 16, 2013
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
First Baptist Church
51 South Street
Manasquan, NJ 08736

For more information please call (732) 715-0496

Welcome! Stability I, Inc. is a Christian based, non-profit organization located in beautiful Central New Jersey, that responds to the desperate conditions of  today's generation.  Stability I, Inc. was founded by the Holy Spirit in 1992 through Rev. Alvin and Patricia Middleton via a home ministry in Lakewood N.J.  By faith, a sanctuary room was erected in their home which provided a "safe haven" for hurting teenagers and children. As time progressed, Stability  evolved into weekly prayer meetings and group bible studies in which both youth and adults attended. The ministry's foundation breeds spiritual constancy and support for those in need and continues to do so today.

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